Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lots of great news!

Hey everyone! I hope your new year is starting off right; it's been a bit hectic for us, but going really well all in all.

Christmas was wonderful - Santa was good to us, but we were better! LOL. We got some great gifts - Josh got the new computer he wanted (with a flat screen monitor; almost nicer than the laptops!), Hans got a DS Lite (like a Gameboy), and Bethany got a big telescope since she's our stargazer. And Santa brought her her own star, which she got to name! Now we can see it in the sky...

The week after was a little crazy - the kids were supposed to fly to Chicago, but were unable to at the last minute. A plane at the Chicago airport had skidded off the runway because the rain was freezing on the ground. So, no unaccompanied minors. Bethany was heartbroken, and I was for her. BUT, dad came here instead and they spent a week with him! Not something that will be repeated; it was harder to do and they didn't get to see the rest of the family, but at least they got to spend time together.

Since then we've been working around the house and making plans for the new year. I just finished a renovation on the master bath, and just have some detail work till it's completed. And Cody and I are making plans to completely renovate the kitchen (FINALLY!), and have begun making the purchases for this project. Actually, I've been buying stuff for this for over a year! Gotta get those sales... ; ) Cody is working hard, and we are grateful not only for this wonderful job, but all our many blessings. Good friends, family - it's a lot to be thankful for.

Well, time to go finish dinner (and balancing my checkbook - what fun!), but keep checking back. I'm going to make more effort to keep a weekly update, at minimum. Love to all!