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Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hans!

So 12 years ago today, my youngest son was born - it was not the easiest of births (though Bethany always wins that competition), but he sure was a beautiful baby boy.  Since that day he's just gotten cuter and more amazing to me!  His sense of humor is well-developed for a young man of 12, his smile is just dazzling, and I'm happy to say he inherited my mojo.  But most of all, I'm amazed to watch my children grow up into these new people that didn't exist before, and now they're here - and I'm helping to make that happen.  It is SO cool to be a part of that!  Watching Hans blossom into a strong, grounded leader - the kind of person others will be able to count on - and still maintain a great attitude and wonderful outlook on life is one of the great joys in my life.  I love you, so much, Hans.



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Cody!

Today Cody turned 37, and we had a really great day!  He woke up to decorations and gifts in the Living room/Kitchen, and Josh and I took him out to lunch at this GREAT Indian restaurant, Shere E Punjab.  We stuffed ourselves - seriously.  This afternoon I finished his last gift, while Bethany and Josh rode over to the store and she got him a new dress shirt.  Tan, just the color he loves.  Meanwhile I baked him a Vegan/non-soy birthday cake with lemon icing; it was REALLY lemony and tangy.  I also attempted chocolate vegan ice cream, and this came out much better than last time (although I had to stir by hand, since the mechanism on our maker broke.)

 Finally, I grilled a New York Strip and a Sirloin steak (delish!) along with some corn on the cob and a salad.  We had a really relaxed dinner, opened presents, and then played some darts with the magnetic game I got him.  (It's double sided...  the kids played darts, but they aren't allowed to use the other side. Adults only!  wink wink!)

So it was a really nice birthday.  Cody seemed to enjoy himself and relax, and eat lots of great food, and overall be adored.  As he should be every day.  And thanks Mom and Dad for calling him tonight to wish him a happy birthday; it means a lot to both of us in our own ways.

Love to all...


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Church party

The boys want to attend our church Halloween festival, so we're heading out. Man, they look good!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween party!

So last night, Cody and I went to a Halloween Social with friends for dancing. It was my first GROWN UP Halloween party, and we met before at City Tap House for drinks. We had a really great time, and Cody let me order a round of shots for everyone. So we all had a Vampire bite!  Yum... Vodka, cranberry juice and Chambord! It was a wonderful time - Cody has gotten to be such a great leader.

Vampire Bites - delicious!
Rich and Tricia

Velma, Angela and I

Love to all...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a day...

Getting ready for a great birthday party tomorrow, and still have Graduation on the brain. Bethany helped me get the cake ready for tomorrow, and in the morning we finish the details. I hope Hans has a great time and is a little surprised, too. Love to all - I'm exhausted!