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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I can't believe I'm saying this...

...but I am SOOO excited about Pope Francis!  I have NEVER been excited about a Pope.  But Cody and I were just talking about his background, and for the first time since leaving NC, I feel hopeful for the Catholic Church.  Maybe we can be more than what we've become - maybe we can finally have a faith with the people, instead of holding our faith over the people.  I'll be praying for him.  Perhaps Pope Francis is God's way of leading us to a better, more understanding, compassionate church.  One where we finally stop worrying about other peoples 'sins' and shortcomings, and instead embrace one another in love.  A church where we lift each other up to be the best that God wants us to be, instead of labeling our shortcomings.  After all, there's only been one Man who stood sinless and perfect among us.  And it isn't any of us!

LOVE to all...