Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday at the park...

So we went to the park to hang out together, and Josh and I did this thing on the swing called the "Superman".  Or that's what we called it, anyway.  And Josh videotaped me.  VERY embarrassing, but LOTS of fun.  And it really can be that hard to get back to standing.  Honest.  It has nothing to do with age...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bethany's new stick...

Used field hockey stick from Ebay = $15.
One roll of electric tape = $1.
Duct tape in purple = $3.50.

Having a mom who will make you a customized, personalized hockey stick...


Hans and I

The other evening, we were all craving ...  cookies!!!  So while Bethany was enjoying an evening ride around the block, and Josh was at his last MMA class, (he'll be returning to  Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo - God bless you!) Hans and I made homemade cookies!  It was a lot of fun; one of those memorable 'ordinary' moments.  We mixed it all together and made half Dark Chocolate chip and half Butterscotch cookies.  Delish!

Cody caught Hans enjoying them fresh from the oven.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bethany's new 'thing'

So my beautiful daughter has decided to play Field Hockey.  ???  I'm SO proud of her for trying something new like this - just surprised at the choice!  She started her practices last weekend, and I bought her a used stick that we're going to 'dress up' when it arrives.

I never imagined I'd be fitting Bethany with a mouthpiece...  : 0
Bethany is the tall one in back, just left of center!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye summer...

Hello Six Flags Adventure! We decided to spend some family time together scaring ourselves silly. We were all split up in different groups throughout the day. Cody and I both rode roller coasters separately with Josh, since he really enjoys the EXTREME rides! I went on Nitro and Green Lantern with him - but the line at Kingda Ka was just too long. Cody rode the Batman ride and Skull Mountain with him, and hung out while Josh went twice on El Toro. Bethany and Hans went on several coasters too, as well as a bunch of 'carnival' rides. And Cody won a big turtle for Bethany and a squid bday for Hans, and later I actually won a giraffe pillow pet for Hans.
There were treats and goodies for all, but mostly we just had a nice time together. Though the "cleanest park" rating is incorrect. When there's trash - including a used diaper - left on tables and nobody picks it up, yuck! But also, really people? We wonder how Americans have such a bad reputation, that's it. Clean up after yourself, and don't be afraid to point that out to others. NOBODY should have to clean up a used diaper after you - it's your baby, after all!

But I digress...  Anywho, have a lovely Labor Day, everyone!  Love to all...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

On a lighter note,

Toffee is so bizarre.  She climbed into Josh's martial arts bag - the one he uses to carry his smelly, nasty clothes back and forth to class.  She went to SLEEP in it - YUCK!  Whatever.  Apparently the men in our house are wonderfully yummy, because she loves to roll in their dirty clothes, and will act crazy sitting in their laps.  And by crazy I mean, 'licking their armpits through their shirts and nibbling them if they let her'.

I know Cody is yummy, but I'll wash his clothes the more conventional way, thanks.

A week of terror and miracles...

So, the brief rundown is I returned from NC, and started to get back on track here.  But Saturday evening I was organizing the 18" pile of mail that had accumulated while I was gone (lots of magazines and junk), and discovered a letter from USAA saying they were canceling our homeowners insurance.  Given that we are in the middle of a liability claim - which, in my mind, would make it impossible to get another company to take us - and that I didn't realize even if they dropped us, they would have to settle the claim, I was terrified.  Well and truly scared for the entire future of my family.  Really - that's how it happens, right?  Some family is living out of their car, and you wonder...  "How did that happen?  How did they get there?"

Easy.  One accident, one legal action...  and everything can just disappear.  A little at first, and then it starts to snowball.  First you have trouble paying a bill, then your using your credit cards to make the payments, then your behind on the mortgage - the fall of a family isn't so hard to imagine.  And I was beyond devastated.  Fast forward to Thursday, when I get in touch with a law office.  (The other days were a bit full, what with Josh starting college, needing to see the Dr. for his ankle, and then X-ray's; he's fine, thank you God!)  After some answered questions and discussion, I called USAA.  Turns out that we're still in limbo waiting on the liability issue, and as far as our policy...

They cancelled EVERYONE in PA so they could issue brand new policies.  We weren't being dropped, it was just an easier method for what they were accomplishing.  It did mention that in the cover letter, but it was a brief blurb, and didn't really register over the fear.  May I just say, copious tears of both relief and gratitude ensued.  Sooooooo...

Several miracles this week.  Josh's ankle isn't broken and the swelling is finally going down.  Cody made it home from HIS trip to NC safely last night.  And most of all, our policy is intact and I can breathe and go back to regular life.

I feel so blessed lately - it seems like my prayers are answered pretty regularly.  I don't take that for granted; in fact I'm amazed, since I'm definitely one of the most least deserving people I know.  Maybe I'm doing things God likes.  It is nice to think so, since we've all ready had one Job, and I really don't want to seem like I have everything and then it all gets taken away.  I can tell you, it was an overwhelming experience being scared out of my mind and trying to reconcile that God had everything under control.  That is SO difficult for humans to do, but it helps - I think God likes to be recognized for what He does.  And if He all ready has it - whatever 'it' is in your life - under control, we have to accept that.  And acknowledge it; I think telling God you know He has it taken care of, even when life seems to be spinning out of control on our end, makes Him feel good.  Appreciated.  Who doesn't want to feel appreciated?

Cindy had this great plaque and I copied the message, since it was so good.

"When you come to the edge of all the light you have known
 and are about to step out into the darkness,
Faith is knowing one of two things will happen:

There will be something to stand on, or you'll be taught how to fly."

Exactly.  Love to all...