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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thursday in Gatlinburg

Thursday found us rafting down the Upper Pigeon river! What an experience - the river was mostly dry when we arrived, so being the first tour of the day, we got to see them flood the river. The class usually ranged from I - IV's, but we barely hit a III this trip. Which for us, was awesome! Michelle and I were the only ones who'd rafted before, and so this was the perfect experience for Hans and Shawny - both a little nervous about the trip. Everyone got plenty wet, and we all took a short swim in the river as we neared the end. Well, Cody and Hans skipped it - the water was REALLY cold!
Later we grilled steaks at the resort with Michelle and the girls, and then went swimming. It was a wonderful day, and everybody had a fun - but exhausting - day!
Love to all...

Checking to see if Michelle's done! 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Our "graduation" trip (I keep wanting to call it a senior trip, and am brusquely reminded they are no longer Seniors), is SUPER! Aunt Michelle arrived Tuesday a few hours after us, with Marissa and Shawny. Wednesday we went horseback riding, which I really enjoyed, and the kids all thought was a fun experience. Wise Luis said, "I didn't think I liked it at first, but once I realized it was my own fears making me nervous - not the actual horse - it was fun!" Ah, the wisdom of youth.
That evening, after barbecue at Greenbriar and a dip in the river (some more dipped than others...), we all went out on the town. Cody and I sampled moonshine (yummy!), the kids found a jerky and popcorn store that was 'sick', and then we split up. Hans and Cody went sightseeing, Boo took me up on the Sky Lift, and Michelle went with the teens to get an olde tyme photo done. They look so good! Boo and I wrapped things up when we saw Cody and Hans at laser tag. What a great time we had!
More to tell later - so much going on, it's hard to keep up!
Love to all...


Having a picnic lunch and then a 'dip' in the river at Greenbriar.  Some 'dipped' more than others...  : |

Bethany and I at the top of the Sky Lift; just the two of us, and this was the
amazing view.  Below, our feet as we head back down the mountainside.  Whee!