Saturday, July 28, 2012

That movie...

Was AWESOME! Perhaps the best Batman yet! But did anyone else think Bain sounded like Sean Connery? Yeah for Catwoman, and I didn't see the ending coming at all...
I wouldn't take anyone under 12 if you're not sure how they will handle violence - it's pretty intense, but realistic - not gory.


(Originally published 7/28)   At the movies to see Dark Night Rises...  :)

Cody's day off

Cody was sent to Alabama Sunday afternoon, and didn't get home until 1:00 am Wednesday night. So he had Thursday off, and we played. Did some things at the house, then went to the neighborhood park and played - I miss Bethany! - and decided we would go to Longwood gardens for the evening. The have an amazing light installation through September, which was even more unique to watch in the thunderstorm that came through! Of course... ; )
Between one umbrella and two sun visors we use in the van, it ask worked out. Thanks to my flexible family!
Love to all...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hans again

I just couldn't help it.  This guy is really taking Hans to another level!


So I figure, if we occasionally write about the things that are bringing us down, we should also include the inspirational.  On that note, I thought I would share a short 'something' that Father Gabin (our Pastor) shared with us this evening.  He told us about his father taking him hiking when he was a young boy, and that his father always carried a walking stick with him in the woods.  It was sturdy, and he could depend on its' strength, and it seemed to make his father walk taller and with more confidence.  "God should be our walking stick", he said.  "Lean on him as you walk through the world, and especially when the climb is hard - it's what God is there for, for us to depend on Him."

I really needed to hear those words tonight, because no matter what material things can be taken away from us, God will be there if we just let Him.  Good to be reminded of that.

Love to all...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do you ever have a worry, one you know you should let go of, but can't quite manage?  I'll feel better once I give this problem to God, since I know She can handle it...  ( just making sure you're awake!).  If I pray for truth and fairness, everything should be okay.

But what if...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seriously, I'm accomplishing nothing.

Just saw this on a favorite website,, and had to post it.  This ones for you, Hans!  Love you!  

Happy 4th of July!

Cody, Josh and I were up early to watch the parade go by - right on our street! That is so cool... The Mummer's were there again, all the kids tossing candy from fancy cars, and our wonderful Norwood police/fire/EMS members.

Now, after a nice breakfast on the back porch (what a great breeze!), we have imitated slugs. And a really lifelike - or not - impression we are doing. I may find the energy to order wings or pick up Mexican. Or maybe I won't, and it will just be chips and salsa...

"don't want to move..."     

Playing with technology

So, if you received this, I'm not trying to send you junk, but I figured out I can email blog updates, AND email up to 10 people when I post a new blog. So, if you are reading this, your one of the 10 people I thought might like to read the blog, and could use an email update (for ease).  If you don't want to get an email when I post something new, or you don't want to follow the blog at all, send me a quick note, and I'll take your email off.  (Or there might be an "unsubscribe" on the bottom - I'm not sure).  Either way, I'm sorry if I bothered you; just want to keep in touch with people, and this is a good way for me to do it!


Ah, brothers...

Ryan and Eric came to visit for a day, and we had a great time together! Well, except for the walk to and from the fireworks show - Eric took partial blame for the misunderstanding, though, informing me he really wasn't paying attention to me when I was talking. : )
We had lunch at Erin's Pub, a boisterous and sidesplitting event. Then we shopped for dinner (steak, corn & salad), watched Act of Valor (good choice, Eric - tears and all), and just hung out together. I hope they had as nice a time as we did! For all intents and purposes, it was a wonderful 4th of July!
So there, Ryan.  ; )

Monday, July 2, 2012


Sadly, we said goodbye to Hans And Bethany yesterday...  they took off for a week of fun with family in the windy city!  I'm so proud of them, they flew alone for the first time, and - even more brave - they're traveling back separately.  Totally by themselves!  Hans returns this Saturday, and Bethany will be back at the end of the month.  This will be a good experience, especially for Bethany, since she plans to travel with the People to People Ambassador Program next summer (hopefully to the Galapagos Islands!).  Such amazing kids.

Love to all...

More Gatlinburg

The trip was so much fun; I think we went swimming every day, and it was great having time to spend with just Cody & the kids! I'll post some more pics of us; it's good to be home!