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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A day filled with special moments...

So this was one of those boring, nothing really happening days that surprised me and had several memorable moments.  Hans had a PFT (pulmonary function test) at the hospital this morning, as a precaution and to rule out asthma.  It went well, and we weren't overly concerned, but it's best to check.  (As a singer, I know a thing or four about breathing, and hunching over and moving your shoulders does NOT help breathing.  I'm thinking it's a posture issue!)  So we had breakfast after, eating sandwiches in the park before he went to school, which was lovely.  But THEN he came home and announced that his teacher asked him to stay after for a moment, and she wanted to know if Hans would be interested in running for 7th grade STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT!!!  AHHHHHH!  I'm so proud - really!  He was SO committed last year and hardly missed a meeting, I know he'd make an amazing president!

Then Bethany came home after school...  I was on the back porch taking a break, eating my lunch, and she came outside with her snack, and we hung out for some time.  We were just talking, and she had me help her study for her French quiz, and it was just ... wonderful.  It was so relaxed, and we were enjoying spending time together (and she's really good at French)...  I know that sounds kind of boring, but it was a wonderful, memorable mother/daughter moment.  Relaxing in the sunshine, together.

And Josh was a HUGE help today.  We ended up spending several hours pulling ivy out of the back yard; I started wanting a small spot to put my new firewood rack (away from the house), but we cleared quite a bit - and I wouldn't have gotten that far without him!  OH - and say a prayer or just keep him in your thoughts, because Thursday he goes for his driving test!  Watch out, Philly - there's an actual good driver about to take to the roads!  (This area has the WORST drivers ever!)

So it was a really nice day, and I appreciated Cody picking up Josh tonight from class, and now I'm done.  Seriously - I HATE that ivy, and it totally kicked my butt today.

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot; here's a picture of our newest addition, Tyler!  We adopted her for free, and Bethany is her 'mommy', but she is very lovable and social!  We're very happy to have her!  (And unlike Toffee, she isn't agoraphobic, but she sticks to the second and third floor, unless we're all hanging out downstairs.  Then she'll come down and see us.)

Love to all...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bethany's dance!

Tonight was the 8th Grade Dance, and I'm so proud of Bethany for going!  I kind of 'forced' her to go, and even though she went under duress, she had a nice time.  Maybe not a spectacular time, but she enjoyed herself, looked like a princess, and was brave and daring!  I told her not to worry... I remember my 8th grade dance, and it was AWKWARD!  And I had a date.  (Part of it was the dress - she looked amazing, but she said she didn't know how you could dance to hip-hop and rock in a nice dress.  Makes sense!).

Most of all, I'm proud of her for going, and - more importantly - going with a positive attitude and open mind.  But I'll let the pictures tell the story!

Love to all...


Friday, June 7, 2013

Bethany's 8th grade trip

Wow.  Every time I turn around, Norwood school is doing some amazing thing for it's students again.  This time, the whole 8th grade class went to Hershey Park.  Wow, right?  Bethany said she had a wonderful time; she rode the Wild Mouse roller coaster 6 times in a row when they first arrived, since there was hardly a line.  And she rode some rides with different friends, and spent hours enjoying the waterpark area!  She was so good - she didn't get burned because she used the sunscreen, she watched what she ate (for her sensitivities), and even took her supplements when she needed to.  What an amazing young woman!  So tonight I made her download the pics so I could share them with you all.

Love to all - and stay dry and safe!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So many things going on!

So I should update everyone on a few things:

On March 7th, Josh was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa at Delaware Community College.  We are SO proud of him; he's doing well in school, working hard, and at the same time trying to start a Martial Arts Club for the college.  He's almost there!  And speaking of martial arts, last night (18th) at his Kosho class he was given the purple belt promotion on merit!  Why, you ask?  Because this weekend - at a seminar - he displayed a Kata that HE made, on his own, in front of several Sensei's and Masters.  They were so impressed, he was promoted - WOW!  Here's some pics...

                    His new belt...    

To wrap it up with Josh, his friends - Teron and Alex - invited him to an Eagle Scout celebration last weekend.  Josh played 'fashion designer' and they all looked so good, I had to get a picture.  I'm so grateful that Josh is finding friends who are smart, responsible, and have good morals/ethics.  It's nice to see!

Bethany has been working hard at school - she got A/B Honor roll (and we are going on a date soon) - and also hard at Lacrosse.  YEP!  From Field Hockey to Lacrosse, she's running another field, and constantly surprising me with her willingness to try new things.  Especially sports!

That's her in the dark outfit - it is March, after all!  This was their first practice, and she was doing great her first time out!

She also went to a birthday party for a girlfriend, and we took Vegan doughnuts so she could have a 'cake' thing.  They were a big hit, she had a great time, and she was the only one with me the next day for church (I had cantored the Sat. mass).  So she went with me to Michaels, and ... well, look what she did in the store!

The next day Hans and I finished making the doughnuts while Boo was at LAX practice.  They really were delicious, and disappeared in short order.


And since Hans got A/B Honor roll as well, he too wanted to go to the movies, so we saw Oz the Great and Powerful.  It was good, but I was disappointed since they clearly designed it to be seen in 3D, and I hate paying the extra for what is usually an unimpressive 3D experience.  But he liked it - and I made him take a picture before we went in.  He's the pig monster...

AND lastly, his artwork was in the County art festival.  Well, as he said:  "everybody's art is in the show", but I'm still proud!  Here's his... (bottom right)

I guess that catches us up.  Cody is working late now, and next week I should be starting the tear-down on the kitchen with our sub-contractors.  YES!!!!  Finally, an enclosed, WARM kitchen.  I'm so excited!

Love to all...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


So our policy with grades has always been this:

Good grades are your job - we don't pay for grades.  We DO, however, reward for good grades!  We have dates.  A/B honor roll with one (high) C lets you pick one:  lunch, a toy, or a movie.  A/B Honor roll gets you two choices, and all A's?  All three things!

Now that Josh is in college, he only gets grades at the end of each semester, so I tried to make the reward a good one for his first semester in college.  So (with the help of Groupon), he and I went to Madame Saito's Sushi making course!  It was really nice; he and I improved our skills, learned new terms and techniques, and shared some Plum wine.  Well, I shared some with him, not the other way around!  It was a great date, and something he can use when he visits Obachan again.

My first roll - Hosomaki (cucumber and wasabi).


Madame Saito teaches Josh how to fillet the salmon.


Love to all...  XOXOXO

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hans and I went to his school today and he got to practice with his locker. They're not as easy as you'd think, but he got it after a few tries! Doesn't he look ecstatic? Lol...
Love to all.

Monday, August 27, 2012

He's off!

So I took Josh to college this morning! It was a bit surreal, but there were no tears. He was nervous, and we arrived early, with loads of others arriving - in the pouring rain. I'm excited to see how it goes. I think he's going to enjoy college - he was all ready being bored with the time off!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Night Before College

Twas the night before college,
and all through the house
not a person was stressing;
that is, 'cept for Josh.

Though his backpack was ready
and books all set out,
he'd checked his whole schedule -
looked like he'd freak out!

An app was downloaded
for graphing his math,
and he knew how to get there -
he knew the best path.

Yet simple to notice,
that look in his eye,
that said he was nervous
about being the 'new guy'.

We told him we loved him
and sent him to bed,
to be ready for college
with a well-rested head.

And I heard him exclaim
as I turned off the light...
"I'll be lucky if I get one
wink of sleep tonight!"

Saturday, June 2, 2012


So Prom was great and they're at the "After Prom" now (which looks SO cool).  So here are a few pics of Josh and Shannon right before they left for Prom.

...I picked them up, and was told they had a great time, it was awesome, and "we danced all night!"  Still more dancing to be done at the after party!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting ready

Prom is in a couple hours, and Cody's home taking pictures with us. Don't they look cute together?  More to follow as the countdown continues!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi all! I'm starting this blog so family can stay in touch easier. I guess it's time to finally break down and do it...

Things are well. Josh made A/B honor roll on his progress report (waiting for the 'final' one to come in). He works so hard, but I still think we're just not paying attention in school the way he needs to. Boo and Hans are doing great. Boo missed straight A's by one point first semester (we treated her for all A's - it was soooo close!), and Hans got 'A/B' honor roll. Well, for his grade level!

Bethany and Josh have started altar serving at church - I'm so PROUD! - and Hans will be making his 1st Reconciliation/Communion next year. JUNE 13, 2009!!!


Had a blast in MI with everyone, and I am sooo glad we got to see you, Mom and Dad! Hope all is well with everyone. BTW, keep Cody and I in your thoughts; we picked up colds in MI, and are both working on not getting too sick. Thanks goodness the kids are fine! Love to all!