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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skiing Shawnee

We had a great day today - a nice family day we've needed to 'reconnect'. We took our time with the trip itself... Slept in a little, packed up the car, then had nice breakfast at Cafe 11 before we hit the road. Bethany and Hans napped on the drive up here, and then we checked in, had some lunch and got settled. Finally, we hit the slopes, and the powder was awesome! Came back to the resort for some dinner and a movie, and then Cody and I got to do some night skiing; it was like a date! And now everyone is exhausted. Goodnight...

  I wanted it to look like I was running into the tree, but - as Josh pointed out - it looks like I'm singing.  A skiing musical?  Could be!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The weekend...

Will be an opportunity to get away and spend some time together!  We went skiing last weekend, at Camelback Mountain, and it was very nice - but there was a snow storm that made it difficult to see, for several hours.  (Plus, skiing is NOT the easiest sport, and we weren't fully ready for more than a day.  LOL)  And it wasn't just me, due to my age!  ; )

Right now the blizzard is coming through downtown Philly; I had dance class tonight while Josh and Cody went to a play (a requirement for Josh's acting class).  The snow was really starting to come down, but just as we passed the airport, it was almost nothing.  So fresh powder in the Poconos tomorrow!  Hahahaha...

Our thoughts are with all the people further north and in Canada who are being hit by the storm.  We're praying for your safety, and that everyone is watched over.  And hi to my parents, down in sunny Florida - THIS is why you're down there!   <insert diabolical laughter>.

BTW...  I did it!  The Social Sec. Admin. acknowledged that I DID NOT have to pay back the overpayment they gave Josh.  YAY!!!!  Thanks Dad, for making me so stubborn.




Love to all...