Thursday, July 11, 2013

My visit with Cindy...

I've been enjoying my time with Cindy, although it's been a bit...  ODD this time. Well, more than usual. I spent a few hours with her at the Dr's for kidney stones and a small back surgery.  And we've been working on projects around the house while still having a good time. We even went to the mall one day; yay shopping!
This is one of the projects we worked on - front steps. Here are the before and after pics. We can't believe how quickly the time flies; only a week left now. Although it breaks my heart knowing that Hans misses me - I don't want him to feel bad.
Overall it's been a great trip, and I hope I can get everything done that is really important.  Love to all!
BTW, the steps weren't the only fix. I added on an addition to the gate - now it can close at the top of the stairs AND to the right of the door.

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