Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Power Surge"

Bethany is making a video series titled "Power Surge".  It's an internet/youtube series based on the modern day Greek gods and goddesses, and she's filming the entire thing herself.  She has props, voices, and she's using her Littlest Pet Shop cats as the characters.  (You can see quite a few other series using LPS characters on youtube - they're kinda impressive!).  So I don't have a preview yet (she's hoping to release a trailer within a week, and has Episode 1 ready to go), but Bethany said I could blog about a little bit...  I wrote the original soundtrack theme song, Power Surge, so you can take a listen if you like!  It's not completely finished (the MIDI keyboard I ordered was a bust so I have to order again), but she likes it and says it's good enough for the trailer, so...

Power Surge theme song

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