Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

What a beautiful morning!  Hans took Cody and I down to the Norwood Memorial, and we had an al fresco Dunkin Donuts breakfast on the lawn while waiting for the parade to come by.  Now we're just hanging out around the house (I'm going to head out to finish lawn work and some gardening), and I'll grill some marinated chicken and pork chops this afternoon.  Josh is heading out to a BBQ with his friend Shannon, and I'm just grateful to have my family safely here and able to enjoy this day.  Please pray for all our veterans, the active and deployed military, and especially their families (particularly those who live in Oklahoma).  And remember them more often than holidays.  I'm probably 'preaching to the choir' on this one, but I just wanted to say it out loud.  As a nation, we don't give enough due to our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors.  But tomorrow is another day, and we can start each morning hoping for our best in everything.

Happy Memorial Day - we love you all...

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Granny Goo said...

Glad you are having a nice holiday. We went to the Mt. Vernon parade. We watched in a little drizzle. This evening we are going to see Great Gatsby, should be fun.
We have been working hard outside also just trying to put some color in the landscaping and clean up the yard. It is starting to look like a Pippi yard.
Have a great week.
Love to you all.