Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hans' birthday party!

Only ONE kid couldn't make it to Hans' party - that is a record!  We used to have an issue getting anyone to come to a party in NC.  So he wanted to have it at this Ice Works skating rink, and it was really nice.  Everyone had pizza and drinks, we went skating (I gave the newbie's a lesson), opened presents, and had plenty of quarters for the kids to play around in the arcade.  PLUS, per Hans' request, I made a carrot cake for him.  A VEGAN carrot cake.  It was amazing!!!  No one would know it was vegan; it was that good!  And of course we had to do it up as OmNom, one of the cutest characters ever, and that looked great as well.  Cody, Bethany and Josh really stepped up and helped me out getting everything ready for the party.  I am so grateful for their help, and everybody seemed to have a great time!

Now if my stupid tooth would stop aching.  Ah, thank God for Valium.  And Vicodin.  Whichever is working right now...

Love to all - and Happy Birthday Hans!




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Anonymous said...

You always have such great parties, but glad this time all those kids got to find out. Also so happy for Hans.